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Frustrated that your killer content and relentless promotion aren't driving the traffic you deserve? It's time to dig deeper into the foundations of digital success with our proven, tested and efficient technical SEO services.

Welcome to the world of technical SEO - a bedrock of your digital marketing and search engine optimisation strategy.

What is Technical SEO and Do You Really Need it?

Technical SEO is a branch of website optimisation for search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, focused on adjusting your website's structure, speed, and searchability, so search engines can easily crawl, understand, and rank your content.

So, technical SEO isn't just a choice or a nice-to-have; it's the essential foundation for your entire SEO campaign, unlocking its full potential and saving you both time and money. But most importantly, it sets the stage for professional SEO services to truly thrive, amplifying their impact and ultimately enhancing the overall performance of your online business.

Here is a fraction of what we do during our regular technical optimisation:
  • Server optimisation
  • Robots.txt file creation and adjustments
  • Sitemap creation and optimisation
  • Crawling, Rendering and Indexing adjustments
  • Setting right canonical
  • Setting up and checking redirects and server status codes
  • Server log file
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Cross device functionality
  • SSL implementation
  • Broken links fixing
  • Website Loading speed
  • Schema Markup creation and implementation
  • Hreflang tag implementation
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Customized Solutions

Our Customised Technical SEO Services

Forget the SEO guessing game – Thin Slice Digital brings strategic clarity to your online presence. We go beyond surface-level tweaks, delving deep into the technical core of your website to unlock its true potential. Here's how:

Technical Website Audit

Conducting an in-depth technical website audit to meticulously examine the health of your site's architecture, uncovering and addressing issues that may hinder search engine visibility and performance.

Plan Creation and Implementation

Crafting a tailored SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals, ensuring seamless implementation of technical enhancements to optimise crawling, indexing, and overall website structure.

Loading Speed Optimisation

Prioritising loading speed improvements, with a particular emphasis on Core Web Vitals, enhancing user experience and positively impacting search rankings by delivering swift and seamless page loading.

Complete Website Migration

Streamlining the complex process of website migration, ensuring a smooth transition with special attention to SEO details, preserving organic search equity and maintaining online visibility during the move.

Monitoring and Debugging

Implementing continuous monitoring mechanisms to track the performance of technical SEO aspects, promptly identifying and resolving issues, ensuring your website remains optimised for search engines.

Detailed Reporting

Providing comprehensive and transparent reports on technical SEO efforts, offering insights into key performance metrics, demonstrating the tangible impact of the implemented strategies on your online presence.

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Benefits of Technical Optimisation

Loading Speed Matters

According to Google’s own research, the probability of bounce rate increased more than 30% as page load time increases from 1 second to 3 seconds. According to one old internal research by a former Amazon software engineer, just 100ms latency cost the company 1% in sales. Back then in 2006. it was around $105M. Based on the current Amazon revenue, it would be around 5.14B.

It is all about User Experience

Technical optimisation is not solely about code; it's intricately linked to user experience. While we've emphasised the importance of loading speed, it's equally vital that pages are accessible without 5xx or 4xx status codes. Websites with redirect loops also face significant challenges. Ultimately, if your website isn't functional across multiple devices, your online business stands to lose a considerable amount.

Bots Must See It Too

Even with exceptional content, impeccable on-page optimisation, and a high-speed website, your organic traffic could be at zero. Why? Because everything transpiring behind the scenes, deep within the code, must mirror what is visible in your browser. If search engines cannot accurately crawl and render your pages, indexing won't occur.

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What is the difference between SEO and Technical SEO?
SEO encompasses a broader range of strategies to improve a website's visibility, while Technical SEO focuses specifically on optimising the technical aspects like site structure, speed, and coding to enhance search engine performance.
Do all websites need technical optimisation?
Yes, technical optimisation is crucial for all websites, as it lays the foundation for effective SEO, ensuring better visibility and user experience.
What are the most important aspects of technical SEO?
Key aspects include website speed, mobile responsiveness, proper indexing, crawlability, and a clean site structure.
Is it a one-time job?
While initial technical optimisation is essential, ongoing monitoring and adjustments are recommended to adapt to evolving search engine algorithms and maintain optimal performance.
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