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Google Penalty Recovery Services

If your website is witnessing a decline in impressions, organic clicks, de-indexation, a loss of organic traffic, and a significant decrease in revenue, it strongly suggests that your website may be affected by a Google penalty. 

Fortunately, a solution exists. Our professional SEO services, coupled with strategic Google Penalty removal actions, offer a definitive path to getting your website back on track

Google Penalty Recovery Services
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What is Google Penalty?

Google penalty is a measure implemented by Google to penalise websites that violate its quality guidelines

These penalties serve as a crucial aspect of Google's commitment to enhancing the overall quality of search results.

However, it's important to note that Google penalties are just a fraction of the broader efforts made by Google to refine the search experience. In 2022 alone, Google conducted over 800,000 experiments, leading to more than 4,000 improvements in search algorithms. These continuous refinements aim to provide users with the most relevant and high-quality search results possible.

Types of Google Penalties


Automated algo updates are triggered by algorithms designed to identify and penalise websites that violate Google's guidelines or just reward websites that provide high quality content and general user-experience compared to pages that cover the same topic. 

Within automated penalties, there are two major subtypes: 


Manual penalty refers to a deliberate and targeted action taken by Google's human reviewers to penalise a website for violating its quality guidelines.

Manual penalties are typically categorised into two subtypes: 

-Spam techniques done by webmasters

-Security issues related to third-party subjects (malware injection, fishing, hacking…)

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Our Google Penalty Removal Services

Analysis and Problem Detection

Our first step is a detailed analysis to identify and pinpoint issues causing Google penalties. From content quality to backlink profiles, we thoroughly examine your site to lay the foundation for a targeted and effective removal strategy.

Core Update Recovery

In the case of core update recovery, we take a holistic approach. Rather than targeting specific aspects, we focus on enhancing the overall quality of your website. This involves comprehensive improvements to technical aspects, on-page elements, off-page factors, and user experience simultaneously.

Security Manual Penalty

In our Security Manual Recovery services, we conduct a detailed analysis of malware injections, phishing and website hacking issues, addressing each instance across affected pages.

Unnatural Link Penalty Removal

In our Backlink Penalty Recovery, we adhere to best practices by thoroughly scanning your entire backlink profile, identifying toxic backlinks. We proactively contact webmasters for removal or addition of nofollow attributes. If issues persist, we meticulously prepare and submit a disavow file with our request for review, providing comprehensive documentation of resolved and unresolved links for a swift resolution

Spam Manual Penalty

In our Spam Manual Recovery services, we analyze the manual action panel, fix issues on affected pages, and prepare a thorough reconsideration request. Our approach ensures clarity in explaining quality issues, detailing the steps taken for resolution, and documenting positive outcomes for a successful recovery



How long should I wait for recovery?

For core updates, the recovery timeline extends until the next core update once all issues are resolved. In the case of manual penalties, the recovery period typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months.

Will my website regain its previous position after recovery?

The outcome depends on the type of penalty and the quality of the fixes implemented. In our experience, the majority of websites not only regain their previous positions but often achieve higher rankings due to overall quality improvements.

What are the most famous Google algorithms?

The most notable Google algorithms include Page Rank, Panda, Penguin, RankBrain, BERT, Mobile, Medic, and Hummingbird.

Can you pay Google to remove the penalty?

According to official documentation and policy, it is not possible to pay Google to remove penalties.