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From creating your first website to taking your online presence to the next level, Thin Slice Digital can help you achieve your online goals. We love what we do and we're really good at it!

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About Thin Slice Digital

Our Story So Far

Thin Slice Digital is a Performance Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency™ with a real passion for our craft. Our primary goal is to help you succeed online. We love what we do and we're really good at it!

"Thin slicing" refers to our innate ability to make swift, accurate judgements based on fleeting moments and minimal information. Just as one might instinctively discern the mood of a room upon entering, we apply this cognitive science to our work in the digital landscape. Make your first impressions count with Thin Slice Digital!

Founded in 2016, Thin Slice Digital was created with one goal in mind: create eye-catching websites that stand out from the crowd and help our clients grow their online businesses.

Over the last few years, we've been honing our skills and expanding over services into Digital Marketing, creating industry-leading websites that not only engage customers but boost sales whilst building brand awareness. As our clients have grown, so too have we, continuously striving to push the boundaries of results-driven web design. In just a few short years we are now recognised as one of Ireland's leading web design agencies.

Our Ethos

Our Core Values

In the vast expanse of the digital realm, the impression created in the blink of an eye, the thin slice of interaction, can set the tone for your brand's journey. Our core values of transparency, integrity, and innovation guide us in this endeavor, ensuring the digital experiences we craft not only grab attention but also foster trust and long-lasting connections. Step into the world of Thin Slice Digital, where we carve out meaningful first impressions with precision, and our values intertwine with your vision to lay the foundation of extraordinary digital marketing experiences.

Value-Focused Approach

We prioritize value in every project, using data to find opportunities that benefit our clients most. We don't just offer services; we provide impactful solutions. Our goal is always to maximize value and deliver lasting results in the digital realm.


Integrity defines us. We operate with honesty, transparency, and respect, upholding ethical standards. Trust and client satisfaction are paramount, forming the basis for our lasting relationships.


Our passion lies in innovation. We stay updated with industry trends, leveraging new technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions. This drive helps our clients stand out and achieve exceptional results.


Teamwork and collaboration underpin our success. We work closely with clients, valuing open dialogue and mutual respect, to understand their vision and challenges, ensuring tailored, successful strategies.


We're fully accountable for our actions and outcomes. Success for us means impactful results for our clients. Through accountability, we guarantee quality and maintain client trust.


The digital world is ever-changing, and we're ready for it. By staying abreast of trends and technologies, we adjust our strategies promptly, ensuring agility in a dynamic digital environment.

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